Would you like to give to Saguaro Hills?

We guarantee that everything that you give will go to support a student.  And, with the rising costs of everything, anything helps!  Please see ways you can give below:

DONATE NOW through the Tucson Midvale Park SDA Church online giving site.

Adventist Giving through Midvale Park SDA Church.

Tax Credit Donations

Did you know in the State of Arizona, if you have any state tax liability (withheld or paid at tax time), you can receive a 100%, Dollar-for-Dollar tax CREDIT for contributions to Saguaro Hills or a student? For the cost of a few extra minutes, you can essentially tell Arizona to use your state tax dollars to fund Education! Click here for instructions. Here are two of the many State Tax Organizations (STOs) that we work with:

1. Institute for Better Education (IBE).  

IBE is a Tucson-based STO that funnels your funds from your State Taxes to a local private school, such as ours.  If you would like to give, please visit  Click "Donate Here."  Once you have filled out your information, you can now select the school by selecting "School Fund".  Scroll down until you select "Saguaro Hills SDA Christian School".
If you have a specific child in mind, you can even give to them.  Just don't forget to select "Saguaro Hills SDA Christian School" as well.

2. Arizona Adventist Scholarships, Inc.

Like IBE the Arizona Adventist Scholarship STO works the same.  They are a Phoenix based organization that works the same way.  If you would like to give through their website just go to  Click "donate."  Follow the steps to "Donate Now."  Please don't forget to select "Saguaro Hills Adventist Christian School."



Tax Deductible Donations

If you would like to donate to our school, in general.  We can also accept your tax deductible donation.  Please stop by and see anyone of us.  

Or you can give through our local Midvale Park SDA Church's website.  Just go to  And, click on "Online Giving".  Once you have created a User Name and Password, just login and put your amount next to the "Other Student or School Project SHACS".  Then select your preferred way of giving below.

Support special projects

We are currently making several updates to our facility & grounds including:

          -upgrade technology and textbooks

          -repaint classrooms

          -clean up landscaping

Thank you for your continued financial support of Saguaro Hills Seventh-day Adventist Christian School!